Frequently Asked Questions

Related to the Flights

Yes, we are completely safe and secured online platform for travelers. Our SSL encryption technology makes every booking 100% safe and reliable so that you can book with trust and confidence. We guarantee you to provide excellent service with every purchase as our sheer commitment to you.

TripiFlights is a US-based travel portal that offers flight booking service comparing best fares of 500+ Airlines. The process of searching is simple, least time consuming, transparent and 100% user-friendly. You will find the best deals available on any selected date for your preferred destination.

Airfares can update minute by minute, which is directly based on availability and demand. Amid the time of your flight search and real booking, seat inventory in a particular booking class or fare may sell out anytime, which is not under our control.

This depends on the airlines' policy. Most airlines now charge for in-flight meals or no longer offer exclusive meal service. Still you can place request for a meal at the time of purchasing tickets online or simply by calling the airline directly. Make sure, it needs to be done at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure.

We at TripiFlights try to understand the needs of travelers and we know that the customer sometimes can get choosy about their tickets if they are refundable and changeable or not. In some cases, the flight tickets are changeable and in some cases refundable as well. In order to know more about the amendments, compensation and recent updates on it, please feel free to contact our customer service agent at our toll-free number 877-617-1110.

If at any point of time you want to make any changes to your flight ticket or want to cancel the ticket, you have to reach our customer care executives, by calling on 877-617-1110, they would be happy to help you seek the problem.

Definitely! Simply fill out your preferred contact information and we will send you alerts no matter where you are.

Flights can be delayed or canceled due to change in weather conditions. At such instances, we make sure to provide you as accurate information as possible. We have systems that update every now and then and provide estimate rarely off by more than a few minutes.

We offer an incredibly accurate flight tracking in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and more. While coverage may vary from location to location, we work constantly to update our data to give you complete and accurate information.

With everything that can impact a flight’s arrival time – be it weather, air traffic, or some other factor – nobody can promise 100% accuracy. Still, we have comprehensive network systems that updates every few minutes. For the most accurate reading, consider checking your status regularly. But with Flight Watcher, you’ll never be more than a few minutes behind.

Unfortunately, many of our sources of information don’t provide a reason why a flight was delayed. As a result, while we can give you a quick, accurate alert that your flight was delayed, at this time we cannot provide the reason behind it.

You need to rebook your flight, or if you need to look for a quick alternative, simply contact us at 877-617-1110. This number is also useful in the cancelation email you receive. Just give us a call and our representative will help you with your rebooking.

Related to the Car Rental

Minimum age to rent a car is 21 years with extra charges. However, you are requested to review the supplier’s important information at the time of booking.

Maximum age to rent a car is 70 years with most of the suppliers. However, you are requested to review the supplier’s important information at the time of booking.

Yes, the international driving license is required if the drivers' license is not in the Roman alphabet. However, would request you to review the supplier’s important information at the time of booking.

When there is no restriction on driving a rented vehicle. One can drive the vehicle at any distance without any restriction. However, in some cases, there is a restriction on the mileage of the car. So, you are requested to review the supplier’s important information at the time of booking. Just note the fact that, car rental contracts that come up with an unlimited mileage feature might have geographical restrictions on the same. This happens with few car rental suppliers that restrict you to cross certain domestic or international borders after charging an additional amount.

The driver must present a valid driver's license and credit card in their name upon pick-up. Even a credit card is required in the name of the user. Please ensure sufficient funds are available on the card and review the supplier’s important information at the time of booking.

Every supplier has a different fuel policy. Please review the supplier’s important information at the time of booking.

Some suppliers ask to pay extra charges for an additional driver. However, you are requested to review the supplier’s important information at the time of booking.

  • A valid Driving License in the name of the Driver
  • Car Hire Voucher
  • Credit Card(Visa/Master Card) with Driver’s name on itt

Important Note: Security deposit from your side is required by the car supplier at the time of pick-up. The amount of a security deposit is blocked on the Primary Credit Card of a Driver.

Yes, car rental suppliers do accept debit card from your side. However, additional identification and insurance proof are required from your side. Note the fact that, gift cards, cash, and pre-paid cards are not accepted for the car rental reservation.

Yes, insurance is necessary for driving a rented car. Please check if your credit card covers for the car rental. In case, you do not have insurance for the car rental service, then definitely get the one from a trusted car rental company.
Importance Note: Renting a car in Mexico requires additional local car insurance even if you have an existing insurance plan.

No. Some car rental companies do not require a deposit at the time of pickup of the car. However, for renting Luxury cars, the deposit amount is higher than that of economy, minivans and other vehicles. So, necessary is to have ample cash in hand for giving a sum of deposit.

The age of renting a car hire service varies in between 21 and 70 years. However, it also depends on the location from where you are taking a car on hire.

Small Car Types

Small car types are designed for affordability and better efficiency. It is fantastic for fuel, fun and long drives. It has an upscale cabin space, excellent technology, and good safety scores. It provides a comfortable and smooth riding experience for a small family to ride anywhere around the town. They are budget-friendly and offer great mileage, in high-traffic areas. It’s perfect for small parking space and easy driving experience.
Best for: Budget-friendly drivers traveling in small groups.
The Category Includes: Toyota Yaris, Vauxhall Corsa, Vauxhall Vectra, Ford Focus, Nissan Versa, or similar.

Large Car Types

These are larger both in area and space. It has a great passenger seating area with more than three luggage space. It’s a great option if you are looking for a long-distance journey with a big family. You can choose this type of car if you are all set for a long road trip to the hills, forest, mountains, and grasslands with ease and comfort. These cars are heavy and automated for long routes.
Best for: Long day trips with more people in dusty terrain.
The category includes: Nissan Altima, Buick Verano, Hyundai Elantra, Ford Fusion, or similar.

High Occupancy

Renting a High occupancy car is like treating your own self with high compression engines, premium fuel, and additional power. In addition to the great looks, you get luxury and comfort. These high-end cars have additional features with sensors, parking cameras, airbags, ABS and EBF technology. These cars are the beast when it comes to traveling to longer distances in a huge group.
Best for: Larger groups needing comfort and luggage space.
The Category Includes: Dodge Grand Caravan, Chevrolet Express, Toyota Sienna, Vauxhall Vivaro, or similar.


Convertibles are simply wonderful when you are visiting a lovely new city with amazing weather and visibility. You can customize the car according to your preferences. These cars come packed with classic interiors with amazing designs and high maintenance services. You can literally feel the wind through your hair during a long drive!
Best For: Travelers willing to feel weather and scenery in style.
The Category Includes: Ford Mustang, Chevy Camaro, BMW 4 Series, Audi A3 or similar.

Hybrid Car Types

Choosing a hybrid car gives the driver a distinct type of power to drive an electric generator and an electric mortar in the same space. It is a high speed maintaining a car with a better efficiency combustion engine and superior design. Different mortar in this car works at different speeds. It has a luxury of its own.
Best For:Off-roading in highly unsurfaced terrain and snow.
The Category Includes: Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Kia Optima, and other similar ones.

Cancelation policy of Fully Prepaid Bookings and Deposit/ Partially Prepaid Bookings.

  • Your refund will be made if you cancel your booking 48 hours prior to your pick up time, deducting only the cancelation fee.
  • For Any cancelation in less than 48 hours, you have to call and inform our customer service executive.
  • As per booking days, there will not be any refund processed for any unused days between your rentals booking plan made with us.
  • You cannot cancel the booking any further if the assigned time of your car rental has already begun.

You will be marked ‘No-show’ when:

  • You fail to pick the car up on the arranged time and date;
  • You fail to provide any of the documentation required for the car pick up;
  • You fail to provide the credit card in the name of the main driver with enough balance in it.

Please note that in each of these cases, you won’t receive any refund of the amount you’ve paid.


  • You can only amend your rental online 48 hours prior to your car rental timings. Please note that any amendment like that of pick-up/ drop-off location, car group, rental period and driver’s personal details could affect and change rental car price which may be different from what was billed initially.
  • You have to call us to inform if your pick-up time is less than 48 hours and you wish to amend anything in your booking plan in between.
  • Kindly note that all the prices are based on the pick-up and drop-off time as well as date arranged beforehand. If you pick the car up any later or bring it back earlier, you will not be refunded for unused hours or days.


When your reservation is canceled on the same booking date, funds for the airline allotment are not collected. Any throughout charges you may have seen would have been a "Pending Hold" for verification. These funds will return to your available credit card and will not reflect as a refund, this process normally takes around 3-7 business days, depending on your bank and its procedure.

In most cases, refund takes place between 3-7business days, depending on your bank and its procedure. However, even if you do not get the refund within the specified time limit, then you can directly contact our customer care at 877-617-1110.

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