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Biggest Food Festivals around the World

Food Festival

Food fests are huge; they are extremely beautiful, colorful and flavorsome. Every country has its own taste and twist and that is what makes it unique. If you are on a food tour, you will be the happiest person ever because the food is sheer happiness served on a plate. As the destinations change so does the ways of cooking and even plating and eating. Asian countries eat with hands and chopsticks while as soon as we travel towards the west it changes to folk and knives. The tradition that binds emotion and food is something unique. If you are a travel junkie and a foodie, it’s time to combine your passion and take you on a world food tour. Read below to know the Biggest and the most happening Food Festivals around the World that has spread happiness around for decades.

Amaze in the Wonderful Pizzafest

Who doesn’t love pizza? Bring yourself to the land of Pizza in Naples of Italy in the month of September. You will find the city filled with the aroma of baked pizza and people gathering for a week-long celebration.  Have a free bite of all kinds of pizzas especially there are special pizza-making workshops to brush up your baking skills. You can also see the battle of renowned chefs competing for each other in the World Pizza-Making Championship. Choose your topping according to your mood and gain some extra inches down there!

Settle for Sacramento Bacon Fest

It’s a call for the pork lovers around. Sacramento's Bacon Fest is the ultimate destination for you all if you are bacon enthusiasts. It a week-long festival where you can get everything that is made up of bacon including- pizza, salad, milkshake, ramen and tater tots and what not. Follow your treat with local craft beer and live music and bam! You will have the time of your life. Visit once and I Swear you will return again.

Have Fun Time at Chinchilla Melon Festival

What if emotions come with a watermelon? A person of Chinchilla, Australia takes it literally when they organize their biennial event every year with an array of fun activities like melon skiing, eating competition and melon chariot race and the list goes on. The celebration takes place as a good sign for a region's melon farming. There are sunset melon beach party and great free family concerts and street parade. Get dirty and have a melon toss on the street.

Feel Chocolatier With Salon Du Chocolat

Willing to have a chocolate spa anytime soon, this is a treat just for you. Visit the world largest sponsored chocolate treat from the international chocolate industry in their annual trade fair that invites and accommodate chocolate lovers from all over the globe. It’s a full-fledged event with over 500 participants from 60 countries for chocolate tastings; pastry workshops and other fun and chocolaty retreat. Grab chocolate samples and bars from five continents, and also be a part of one of its kind chocolate fashion show, and sculpture contest that will keep you stunned for long. Enjoy live performances by cocoa-producing countries and delight your taste buds more this season.

Bring Volume Your Desires with Venice Food & Wine Festival

Venice has always been a destination for a romantic holiday but travelers might not know it’s also a heaven for foodies. Visit the treat during May and indulge in the fine Italian culinary luminaries for a four-day showcase. There are chef-led demos giving out secrets of their fine skills, wine tasting and cocktail workshops and community dinners. There are massive opening party and concert finales for everyone. It’s a great treat not only for your appetite but also for your eyes due to its massive colorful food stalks.

A food festival is a massive rebounding of cultures, generations, festivities, and emotions. It is usually held every year in massive levels. The celebrations cover the heritage, harvest and a lot of entertaining games and gifts.  No matter what you like to eat, give a retreat to yourself with the best food community around the world. Participate in world thread of emotions and make memories over food. You can try these and more when you travel to amazing places. Tell us your food story and what was your favorite food tale? Eat more and be happier Bon appetite!

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