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Brewery Tour of Orlando

Activities in Orland

Orlando, Florida keeps you real busy and I mean it all throughout the year. Of course, the land of amusement and theme parks including the Walk Disney World Resort, which is twice the size of Manhattan, Seaworld Universal’s Islands of Adventure, Epcot, etc. are of no shortage and invite travelers flocking here from different parts of the world.

Despite the quintessential approach of Orlando offering incredible amusements sites for kids and families, incredible shopping and eating alleys, and a scientific touch of museums around, there is one thing that you should not miss here. That is sure to be amazing Brewery Tours of Orlando.

What if you call the “City Beautiful” (the other name of Orlando), as “Brewery Beautiful”? Jokes apart, but yes Orlando is a land of astonishing breweries around with a number rose to 7 (one of the biggest ones in whole Florida).

The enticing matter is the daily tours of famous breweries around in the city. You can be culture vulture here in Orlando while drinking the best-distilled beer around. Special thanks go to the brewery tours of Hop-On Central Florida Brew Tours that is hard to miss here.

Hop-On Tour

Looking at the rapidly growing brewery experience of Orlando allowing travelers to view the making and serving in a refreshing manner, there comes the bus ride tour of Hop-On Tour started by three friends.

What to Expect Here:

The tour is all about taking you to the known beer making spots traveling in a group and find an educative way of knowing about the whole process. Tasting different varieties of beer go hand in hand in this tour.

What Exactly to Know in Hop-On Tour:

What you should know which particular tour you are opting for out of the following few options:

  • Crowler: A guided 4-hour tour of visiting three breweries.
  • Growler: 4-hour tour visiting 3 breweries along with complimentary flight or a pint of beer.
  • What Ales Ya Signature Tour: A total of 6-hour duration of brewery tour with a chance to see 5 breweries, face time the brewers inside, and taste the beer itself.

That’s all the options you have with Hop-On with a view to indulge in the refreshing pleasure of looking at the brewing process at close quarters and a chance to taste those find distilled ones.

Some More Brewery Tours of Orlando That are Worth Taking

Hop-On is not the only to look for, Orlando has to more to offer to quench the beer thirst of natives and travelers. Get your hands-on new scenes of crafting beer and even modified the way of tasting those brewed drinks.

For you especially, there is more to know about brewery tours of Orlando with the following choices as well.

Limo Cycle: Reaching out to the table of a bar or a favored choice of craft scene is something which is kind of normal for you. But if you have that table right in front of you and just have to collect the pint beer. Strange isn’t it? Well, yes, it is but no with Limo Cycle Craft Beer Tour. One of the hotspots brewery locations is best possible to reach while pedaling a group limo cycle. A tour that lasts for 2 hours of duration will take you to 3 famous breweries of Orlando.

A Beer in the Making: Learning art of making own beer in a craft shop is an experience in itself. This is what one can look forward to at The Sanford Homebrew Shop where beer making tour is what you find here. Different stages of making process start with the process of making handmade beer which is left for 2 weeks. Once done, visitors return to the shop and bottle up the drink during the bottling process. In the end, a six-pack of beer bottles especially made by you can be taken home.

Beer Yoga: Doing one set of hardcore exercise makes you drink a whole glass of energy drink to gain the lost stamina. How about the same logic applies while drinking beer? Well, Beer Yoga is all about the same in which you will be asked to do little Yoga with a treat of one complimentary pint beer.

Beer hot spots in Orlando are not only confined to above as there are more to see and experience. All you can do is to first try out the amazing ones that we have talked about and see the other enthusiastic side of the city.

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