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Family-Friendly Leisure Adventure
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Family Adventure in Amsterdam

Places in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the proud capital city of Netherlands is one of the finest family vacation destinations. The city features mesmerizing looking rustic architecture and decorated with its unique cultural appeal. You will see around a lot of Dutch parents spending a cool vacation with their kids. It’s a summer capital with various child-friendly activities and family-friendly homes and hotels. The city houses plenty of travel attractions and presents a well-organized transport system.

Itinerary to Explore the Beautiful Suburban City in a Day!

First up visit the immensely popular Anne Frank Museum! This world famous museum depicts the age-old history of the Holocaust. This house has witnessed the tragedy and torture, from the 2nd World War. Get ready to be touched by traging stories. The house will give you real Goosebumps and kids will know more about the most important historic era of Germany. The world-famous writer Anna Frank is an inspiration, and the maintained house from that time.

Next visit the famous The Van Gogh Museum: that houses the masterpiece and paintings of the famous medieval era painter Van Gogh, the establishment houses one of the best art galleries of Holland and is a delightful to witness. You will feel the depth of emotions in each painting; it is the second most visited galleries in the country so make sure to book the tickets in advance. The gallery houses almost 700 letters from this world-famous artist so have enough time in hand to explore the whole city with your family.

After that, you can have a great prey at the West Church. This is an Old Church with ancient classy buildings of this beautiful city; you can have great photo sessions for your next family frame. The interior of the church comes decorated with mosaic designs giving a great vibe ad illusion for the eyes.

After doing all these, you can relax for a while and eat in any of the delicious local restaurants, after a great meal head on to the Royal Palace, which is the king’s Residence with a beautiful royal structure, giving you a dip into the city’s rich historic marvels. This giant castle is a photographer’s delight and has opulent exterior and exclusively lavish interior from the royal lifestyle. The place houses the finest furniture collection that you will not see anywhere else! If you have a love for antiques or into home decor get some ideas and mold it in your own way.  

You can end your day with a great sunset at the Port. It is one of the busiest ports of the country with an exquisite landscape beauty and you can see the flamingoes coming down to have a catch. It is located almost 19km away from the seas base and you can feel the tidal turbulence here like nowhere else. Have an ice-cream and pause some moments to cherish your moments with more family time.

Have Some More Family Fun on the Famous Beaches of Amsterdam

Sand, sun and soothing weather is what you will get on the beaches. The fantastic urban beaches are just within Amsterdam city and you can also enjoy a 45-minute drive or a shorter train ride from the city center to feel the scenic highways. Strand IJburg Beach is the most wonderful and ideal beach for a family friendly swimming known well for its popular summer events and is kid-friendly restaurants. Other than this you can visit the nearby Noordwijk Beach with miles of sandy beach within 45 minutes of Amsterdam. Enjoy some sand and tanning; don’t forget to get a good sunscreen to protect your skin. You may also try the coastal cuisines and various cocktails and mocktails on the beautiful seaside cafes. There are clumsy confectionary stores and souvenir shops to add some more leisure and shopping time into your trip.

Where to Stay?

You will get accommodation according to your budgets. Most of the Amsterdam hotels like that of Moevenpick Amsterdam has its own jetty service for water taxis and canal boats, that can transport you to the nearby historic districts and is within walking distance of the historic city. If you are going with a budget try searching for similar hotels with the ferry service to make your vacation more convenient.

Here Is How You Can Explore The City With A Budget!

The city offers a user-friendly organized transport system for kids and adults. It has special wheelchair lanes for a special person.  Usually, subway service, city bus service, cab services are available to roam around the city but you can experience the travel in a true Dutch style with a rented bike, and ‘water taxi’. This could be a new adventure and fun activity for kids. A great alternative to explore the city is with a rental car to get to the iconic cityscapes and take your own time to explore. You can even roam around Amsterdam in a much-relaxing cycle ride because the roads and the surrounds are so surreal. If you're into using public transport in Amsterdam, have a public transport chip card to travel on trams, buses, and metros as much as you like. It could be used for one to seven days by tourist as per their convenience and requirements. If you are visiting far away spots you may avail car rentals in advance to have a cheaper deal.

Amsterdam is all about spending a nice soothing vacation, have a cruise around the canals, Starting your days with food tasting tours, or celebrating family time over bread slices and pizza, for a complete family-friendly vacation choose this beautiful city. The interesting shops and boutiques are filled with fashion, art, design, and color. Spare some great time in Amsterdam and let us know in the comment section below what is your take on this family-friendly city!


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