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PAN American Games: Every Reason to Witness the Season’s Biggest Sports Affair

Lima PAN American Ga

Guess what you don’t have to wait another year for the next Olympic Games, because this year you will be able to find many of your favorite athletes coming back in an action for a full packed sporting session of the PAN American Games, 2019. This season’s venue is quite different from the rest of the decades. Peru will be the host for this year’s prestigious Lima 2019 PAN American Games and Parapan American Games for the first time in its history. This season is going to welcome over about 6,700 athletes from 41 countries, who will come and compete in various games and back-to-back events.

So, before you pack a bag, get into the details and set your itinerary in a way that you not only enjoy the games but also witness and experience the rawness in its culture, diversity and the ethnicity of the land.

History of PAN American Games

PAN American games are organized by the PAN American Sports Organization and created by the International Olympic Committee. It is an extensive summer extravaganza offering the best sports person collaborations in the American continents. It will feature the best of summer sports with back-to-back competitions between the top athletes. The PAN American games were first introduced on February 25, 1951, for men and by the time it reached 1955, it was also open for women players.

Now, it is held every four years after the Olympics and delivers multi-sport competitions that are open both for men and women representing various parts of the North, South, Central America and the Caribbean. All 41 nations who are members of the PAN American Sports Organization will come together to compete in this massive event. Major games of this tournament include Athletics, swimming, fencing, diving, baseball, boxing, basketball, equestrian, football, artistic gymnastics, rowing, wrestling, shooting, tennis, weightlifting, and water polo.

Enlighten enough? Now let see what’s in store this year.

The Main Attraction Of 2019 PAN American Games:

Hosting the 2019 PAN American and Parapan American Games are very important for any nation. Peru is committed to promoting sports for its citizens for the longest possible time. Lima is all prepared to welcome more than 6680 athletes from over 41 countries of the America during the PAN American Games. So, you better not waste time, and get the best Travel Deals to book your flights to Lima instantly.  Pack your bags for the biggest tournament of the season. Also, grab the tournament Tickets before it gets more expensive and sold out.

A variety of sports events are hosted in Peru due to the nation’s infrastructure and great abundant areas. It occupies off-road races throughout the year across its dunes and mountains. It has its own set of ultramarathons through the desert, triathlons on the shores of the Pacific Ocean and various other multi-sports games at different sports stages of Peru. This city is an attractive place to organize high-impact competitions and for visitors to come and experience a lot more than just games.

Major Dates to Follow:

  • Opening Ceremony: Friday, July 26, 2019
  • Competitions: From Friday, July 26 to Sunday, August 11, 2019
  • Closing Ceremony: Sunday, August 11, 2019

Spot the Official Mascot for the Event:

The Official Mascot for the event is none other than Milco. It is made on the theme of cuchimilco, the terracotta figurines statuettes from 1200 AD. Milco is very cheerful and optimistic to welcome all visitors for the Lima 2019 Games and boost the confidence of the players. One of Milco’s favorite colors is red just as its national flag of Peru. The Mascot signifies and represents a passion for all Lima 2019 participants so that they give their best in each competition.

Everything You Need to Note Before You Visit Peru:

Touristy Things to See in Peru:

Peru is an amazing city with unmatched attraction. It homes to one of the seven wonders of the modern world, namely the citadel of Machu Picchu. Geographically, it is situated in the region of Puno, over 3,800 meters above sea level. Once you are there you can visit the enchanting islands of Titicaca to witness the beauty of the highest navigable lake in the world. It has abundant forests and ancient cultures that love nature and its resources.  Peru comes in the third position of the most megadiverse country on the planet, thanks to its wide variety of species of orchids, birds, and reptiles along with the lush Amazon forest which has been recognized under the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.


No trip is complete without some souvenir and shopping. Peru currently produces 80% of the world’s alpaca clothing and it has got its label of brands and accessories. It has an excellent Andean fiber that has become a symbol of elegance and exclusivity that is unmatched with anywhere else. Don’t forget to pay a visit to Mercado Central, Dédalo Market, Mercados Incas, El Molino Market for a wholesome shopping experience with much of a bargained goods and souvenirs with the unlimited supply chain of this valuable camelid fiber.


Peru and its inhabitants love fusion cuisine, directly from the fields and the sea. Lima ingredient in every recipe is its aromatic flavor of chili peppers; and its coffee and cacao. Once in Peru, don’t forget to get its special aromatic spices from the Andes and its delicious pisco. The local restaurants and its creative chiefs are the greatest preservers of ancestral culinary expertise and creators of new trends when it comes to the best combination of flavors. There are over 220 thousand restaurants present in Lima. Now, just plan to get you PAN American Deals that can make your tickets to the tournament affordable.

Currency: The national currency od Peru is Sol, but if you are traveling from America or any European Country with the American dollar and the euro in hand then, they also accept it. So, there is no hassle of money exchange.

Language: The official language of Peru Spanish and is spoken by 84% of the population. Also, 47 indigenous languages are spoken in the country but if you can’t speak Spanish don’t worry, native people out there understand English very well.

Get ready for the biggest opening gala performances performed by the best dance groups, and the most popular singers joined by millions of cheerleaders from all over the nation. Catch and share the major sporting event of America with your companions for sport and bring on the happiness of the games. This time there are 3 new sports events are joining the list including surfing, bodybuilding, and skateboarding.

This year’s game is certainly an extraordinary affair, the bold approach by the champions and the massive amount of cheer by the visitors and spectators make this game one of the most glorious affairs to witness in a decade. Get involved and be an active part of this massive historical event. Now, that you know the best things that you can do in this city, don’t forget to look for the best flight deals to Lima so that you can enjoy the games while staying in budget.

Watch the extraordinary game with the legendary players and share your inspiring stories with us!

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