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What Comes With A Ride Of Edge Coaster In The Philippines?

Activity in Philippi

Located at the very eastern edge of Asia, the delightful city of Philippines is the ultimate home to more than 7,000 inland islands, inhabited by friendly locals. Mostly the city is calm and quiet but the excitements begin when you seek to explore the real part of it. For the real thrill seeker, Sky Adventure at Crown Regency Cebu is the ultimate giveaway. There are various unique things in the world to try to see and the Edge Coaster of Philippines is certainly one of them.

To add that quintessential flavor to your everyday life, indulge in a remarkable journey of this ride and fly high to the sky with this Sky Experience Adventure ride. Fastened your seatbelts carefully so that you don’t fly off in the middle when the coaster tilts down to a striking 55 degrees facewards; it’s scary yet so fun! When you will reach the Crown Regency, you won’t even feel once what’s coming your way! The Sky Adventure is worth the trip because of its enormous size, great fun, and classy history! While in ride keep in mind you are riding one of the oldest heritage rides of the town.

What Makes Edge Coaster Different?

It is the world’s first and only amusement ride of its kind. It stands tall at 130.84 meters above ground. It maintains high esteem and is takes adventure and fun to a whole new level. Popularly known as the Edge Coaster because it goes around the edge of the building with locked riders and rolled over on their seats. The costar stands high above the ground at about 38th floor giving the riders a breathtaking panorama of the entire Cebu city and its outstanding landscapes.

How to Enter?

To get to the top, you have to take a special elevator in Tower 2 that will bring you straight up to the 19th Floor where you can get a ticket and also a complimentary scenic view. After that, you have to cross over to Tower 1 known as the Sky Adventure Lobby. There you will find a great surprise waiting for you. This place will welcome you with two Tigers inside a building. This place also holds Wildlife Photography feature on the weekends, so make sure pay a visit on weekends to make things more memorable. You can take a picture with the Tigers and even carry a Tiger Cub in your arms. Beat that fun now!

Here’s What You Will Get in The Whole Day Tour to The Edge Coaster

You have to pay 250.00 pesos per head approximately to go up to the 37th to 40th floors, and each has its own activity. Then you will reach the 37th floor that has the stunning SkyWalking on the outer rim of the building. After that when you will feel the fun is over, finally you will reach the 38th floor which has the Edge Coaster in it! It’s a treat to the eyes and the soul as well! It has a ride in a roller-coaster-like car which slowly goes around the tower. The fun begins when it tilts to about 55 degrees angle facing the earth below and you will have a feel of free-fall. Slowly, the angle will come in your control after the first lapse. It will definitely feel scary for the first few seconds but afterward you will just enjoy being there forever. After having this massive experience that will be in your mind for the rest of your life you can settle yourself and go to the 38th and 40th floor, which have the decks where you can relax and just soak up the stunning view.

This journey is a complete package of fun, thrill, and adventure that you will never ever forget in your entire life. If you are an adventure junkie add this ride to your bucket list and make sure you never miss the fun.  Give it a try and let us know your views about it! 

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